Unlocking the Door to God’s Blessings

This is Pastor Dehm’s signature presentation of many and it is based on his book of the same title. Prayer is something that is widely debated, from how to pray, when to pray and even what to pray for.  With all the confusion centered around it one might be led to wonder if God is really up there listening? If He is up there listening, will He answer? What if there was a way you could be absolutely sure that he not only listens he answers prayers and the keys to unlock his blessings were within your grasp…Pastor Vincent reveals the oft times overlooked fundamental keys that will place people in the best position to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. When the attendees leave this presentation, they leave with a clear understanding of the aforementioned core keys and how to implement them into their prayer life.


To many the word forgiveness signifies weakness, possibly even self-defeat or a character flaw. The truth is the ability to forgive is a major step in allowing God’s blessings to pour in, and sets the healing process in motion. It doesn’t represent a reconciliation, nor does it free the wrongdoer from accountability, but it can free the forgiver from negative feelings and provide peace. The aforementioned process starts with the acknowledgement of un-forgiveness in one’s life, and ends with the act of reaching out in some manner to the wrongdoer. Pastor Dehm will walk you through a step-by-step blueprint to gain the strength and insight to forgive even those who do not ask for forgiveness and reap a sense of peace on a higher level.


The topic of grace stirs up many emotions and assertions from churchgoers and to an extent those in ministry. Does God give grace to those who do not deserve it and if so why? Why do those who live a Christian lifestyle not receive grace automatically? A frequent question may be in regards to someone’s actions, or works, not being a factor to be a recipient, when one would think that should be a the most important consideration. What is the answer to how do you receive God’s grace? Pastor Dehm will take you on a journey that will shed the light on salvation, faith and ultimately the mighty gift of God’s grace.


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